For many couples living abroad, a wedding in Israel is a dream comes true.
Our traditions and religious roots combined with true and deep connection to this magical place attracts thousands of people to get married in a Jewish wedding and say their vows under the Huppa in Israel.
So… proposal took place, excitement is getting higher, you family and loved ones are supportive and you are heading on a new road!

The planning of your wedding day begins even before your arrival to Israel. There are so many things to think about, so many decisions to be made. This special day demands so much planning that it is nearly impossible to do it without a professional team.

This is a thrilling period, exciting and full of expectation. You look forward to get started on your own, but then you find out that it’s a big puzzle, a one that you need to know exactly how to put together in order for all the pieces to fall into place on you wedding day

As a wedding planner, with offices in Israel, I provide you with a service that will accompany you through the first planning stages all the way until your big day:
• Pre wedding cocktail event

• Henna

• Hotel rooms for your guests
• arranging flights
• Finding the perfect location for your Israeli wedding – the beach, the desert, outside in the nature or in a hall – everything is possible
• choosing the best suppliers that will give you the most professional and reliable result that will match you expectations and desires
• A design concept that will accompany the event- starting with guest invitation all the way throughout your wedding day itself
• Musical features as a DJ or a band
• A combination of flavors and colors from different cultures and different styles that will fit together smoothly and create a unique and one of a life time kind of wedding

When I take care of it, you have more time to focus on the thrilling and exciting parts of your wedding – as in choosing a wedding dress, choosing presents for your guests and so on.

A little bit about me:
For over a decade, I have been involved in the production of countless events of every kind.
For the last five years, I have focused solely on wedding production, and special events.
From intimate boutique happenings, to massive celebrations of up to 1500 guests; from a wedding in a barren field, to a birthday party in an antique structure.

In each event that I approach, I emphasize sincere listening and a deep desire to make your dreams and visions become a reality, as well as a commitment to staying true to your needs and budget. With me by your side, you will be sure to have a perfectly designed experience, which is unique, special, and one of a kind. My process combines experience with enthusiasm, and trust with creativity, mixed in with your peace of mind, and most of all, a true enjoyment of the planning process.

I would be thrilled to meet you, and begin to embroider your special tale, to create the event of your dreams, and lead you towards the most important moments of your life