Israel is a meaningful country for Jewish all around the world. A wedding in Israel has a value that no other country can compare and that is the main reason so many Jewish couples decide to get married in Israel.
Israel is known by her unique combination of ethnicities and flavors, where different kind of landscapes are only a few hours away. Planning a wedding in Israel combines the potential of an exotic and unique experience along with a family reunion for couples who have relatives living in Israel.
When coming to a conclusion you want your wedding destination to be Israel know that your feelings, believes and needs will form up together in a way every one of your guest will feel on your special day. Couples that want their event out in the open, that want to create an experience full with senses, where every element relates to the powerful nature, spaces, the wild and mystery should choose to have their wedding at the desert – the Yehuda desert or even on the top of the Masada.
When producing an event in the desert we make a demonstration of the location with each of its elements but the couple will still have to use a lot of their imagination and be prepared for the element of surprise. From a sandy wide desert to an event full of flavors, sound and scents that come to life and create the experience of a lifetime.
A unique desert wedding, how do we get started?
The first step is professional planning and organization! Nature has its own surprises and you need to be ready for every scenario. In the last few years the demand and production of events in the desert went higher so almost every supplier is professionally prepared and knows exactly what needs to be done in order to have a successful event. Everything is organized according to guests needs (lightning in the parking lot, routs to the restrooms, coolers / heaters and on) and the main idea is to use everything nature has to our benefit: to project the wedding movie on the mountain side, surprising the guests with small lights in different places that will reveal special treats (like a band that will all of a sodden join the DJ) and a lot more.
Producing a wedding in the desert demands a professional experience in reading the area, understanding it to its fullest, taking care for every little detail and the ability to cope with the beautiful resources hiding within. For me, as a producer, it’s important to provide an extra value as well. Something that will match the vision of the bride and the groom and upgrade their event even more. Combining every element to one coherent language will provide an intact and accurate atmosphere in every aspect: food, lights, colors, music and design. If you choose someone professional to take care of every logistic, planning and executing need you will only be left with having fun and enjoy your special day along with your loved ones.